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  The Public Service Pension Fund operates on the principles of“innovative thinking, professionalism, effective supervising and stable income.” Its future priority tasks, aimed at ensuring assets safety and high profitability, shall be as follows:


1. Make overall reviews and amendments to relevant statutes to cope with Public Service Pension Fund’s operation development

  To make sure the collections/payments, management and operations are in full compliance with relevant statutes on one hand and meet future need on the other, the Bureau shall seek to review and amend those statutes in a timely manner.



2. Prudently conduct discretionary management to increase the Fund’s profitability

  The Fund continues adopting two-pronged strategy of in-house and discretionary managements. Outstanding management teams shall be produced through an open selection process for discretionary management at appropriate time. Systematic supervisions will help achieve the goal of diversifying risk, streamlined professional management and improved performance.



3. Establish solid investment portfolios, and ensure the long-term and steady income

  Asset allocations are key to the investment performance of the Fund. The Bureau will take into account domestic and overseas economic situation before making decisions on yearly asset allocations and investment portfolios, and flexible investment strategies shall be adopted so as to establish solid investment portfolios and ensure long-term and steady ireturns.



4. Continue actuarial operations and adjust the contribution rates timely in accordance with statutes

  In order to catch on the financial situation of the Public Service Pension Fund in time and draw up its long-term investment strategy, actuarial operations shall be conducted once every three years pursuant to the law. In this way, the long-term financial burden of the Public Service Pension Fund under the existing financial structure can be measured and relevant contribution rates may be adjusted in due course. Enhancing the income of Public Service Pension Fund will enable it to have a sound and solid development and ensure the rights and interests of the participants.



5. Strengthen auditors' capabilities to implement internal auditing functions

  In addition to improving auditors' qualities by increasing internal professional courses and trainings of domestic and foreign professional organizations, the Public Service Pension Fund also amends the existing auditing procedures to improve the efficiency of auditing operations if necessary, demands the discretionary investment institutions to implement internal control and auditing system, and enhances the mechanism of information notification with Financial Supervisory Commission to strengthen the functions of discretionary management. The fund keeps on implementing internal auditing functions to ensure the security and sustainable development.



6. Establish sound information systems, and boost efficiency & security

  The Fund will enhance the overall operational efficiency and security of software and hardware facilities through continuing augment each function of fund information systems, strengthen the fund collection system to facilitate collection for participating units, and develope various investment management systems, auditing and risk management support systems, in order to increase decision-making efficacy and enhance investment security.